Robert Anwood
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Pub crawls... by popular demand

A while back – okay, over a decade ago – me and some friends invented an entirely tongue-in-cheek, semi-fictitious organisation called The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group. This was quite clearly just a name we gave to a bunch of pub crawls we went on.

Over the course of a couple of years I documented our undertakings on a different website, which was mouldering in obscurity and dereliction. However, various people have badgered me to wheel out The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group in a rather more accessible manner, for the sake of posterity, so I've incorporated it here, into

So, if you fancy reading some slightly puerile and very out-of-date stuff about me and some other blokes visiting some pubs, then here it is in all its glory: The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group (caution: it contains some swear-words and out-of-date links, and it may not promote the most responsible attitude to drinking).