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Emus Can't Walk Backwards, published by Ebury Press, is in bookshops now!

"Ultimate pub quiz ammo" – the Sun.
"Anwood assiduously subverts the novelty-book format with his humour and sincere curiosity" – the Guardian.
"Fascinating" – the Mail on Sunday.
"This should settle a few pub arguments once and for all" – the Daily Star.
"Anwood has done us all a huge favour" – the Good Book Guide.

The book is an amusing and informative investigation of dubious "pub facts". If you've ever claimed that "it's illegal to drive in bare feet" or if someone has tried to tell you that "a bloke had hiccups for 68 years", this book is for you. And all your long-suffering relatives.

My first book, Bears Can't Run Downhill, is still available, so make sure you have a complete collection of pub facts! Visit the Books/editions page to find out more about various versions of my books, including adaptations in Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

Reckon you're a pub fact guru? Try out my pub facts quiz – or send me a pub fact of your own .

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