Robert Anwood
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The man in the pub arguing The World According to the Man in the Pub
201 of Our Favourite Dubious Pub Facts Explained

>>> Exclusive to Marks and Spencer!

The World According to the Man in the Pub is a paperback edition of Bears Can't Run Downhill exclusive to M&S. Of course, for best results I recommend you buy both editions so that you will be able to sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that you have a hardback and a paperback version!

Ever wondered whether a crocodile can run faster than a racehorse? Or whether it's true that you shouldn't smile for your passport photo? Are you still troubled as to whether Bob Holness played the sax on "Baker Street"?

If so, you've probably spent far too much time in the pub, conversing with a mate on the wrong end of four pints of lager. We've all heard them: half-baked theories, spurious rumours and barely believable "pub facts". Maybe you've even tried to palm a few off yourself, telling complete strangers that guinea pigs can't sweat, and how there's only one cash machine in the whole of Albania...

Someone being bored by the man in the pub To separate the fact from the fiction and the believable from the bogus, The World According to the Man in the Pub stumbles to the rescue! The book debunks and explains 201 common claims and popular misconceptions, including:

and many, many more!

The World According to the Man in the Pub is only available from branches of Marks and Spencer or the M&S website. If it has sold out by the time you get there, don't panic, as you can still buy the hardback edition, Bears Can't Run Downhill!