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9 November 2010
People often ask me (Ok, people very occasionally ask me): "What are you up to these days? Are you writing another book?" To which my answer is a vague "I have a few ideas but there is nothing concrete in the pipeline right now." I also hold my hand up to the fact that I have not really updated for a number of years. However, for any gear change fans out there, I will be doing a short chat with KUOW radio of Seattle on Wednesday 10 November, some time around 7 p.m. UK time (11 a.m. Pacific Time). It'll be like old times – specifically, having to remember not to swear when doing live radio.

10 March 2008
I'm told that Emus Can't Walk Backwards will be getting a mention on The Book Show on the Sky Arts channel. As someone who is still doggedly tied to the UK's five terrestrial TV channels, I'm not quite sure who can get Sky Arts or how, but apparently it's on Channel 267, whatever that means. I'm sure it'll be just a fleeting mention, and perhaps even a massively negative one, who knows; but hey, I can now claim to have rubbed shoulders with Mariella Frostrup. Full info on transmission times (starting with 7.00 p.m. GMT on Thursday 13 March) can be found in the listing for Series 2, Part 19. Now, memo to self: must find someone who has Sky...

4 November 2007
I've now added some PDFs of sample pages and the books' indexes to the information pages about Bears Can't Run Downhill and Emus Can't Walk Backwards. Plus, you can listen to an MP3 clip of me discussing Johnny Cash and his ostrich on BBC Radio Bristol – it's available on the Reviews/Media page.

28 October 2007
Just an update on my previous item (see below) about Fact Man on Lorna Milton's Three Counties show: it has been happening a little earlier in the show than originally planned, so if you want to catch it, you'll need to tune in to the first half hour of the programme (between 2.00 and 2.30 p.m. UK time). Thanks!

2 October 2007
Fact Man is born! As of today, I will be appearing in a weekly slot on Lorna Milton's show on BBC Three Counties Radio, discussing with Lorna the various facts I've heard down the pub. Some might be taken from Emus Can't Walk Backwards or Bears Can't Run Downhill but others will be all-new facts which I come across in my travels. Fact Man will be on at approximately 2.45 p.m. UK time on Tuesdays, and you can listen to it from anywhere in the world by visiting the BBC Three Counties Radio website and clicking on the "Listen Live" link on the right-hand side.

18 September 2007
After numerous requests, I have incorporated The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group website into This was a mildly tongue-in-cheek and somewhat childish site I assembled some 6–7 years ago on behalf of some friends, to document various pub crawls. It was only really intended as a record for myself and my drinking companions, but it gathered quite a few hits and was surprisingly popular among total strangers. As the site was languishing on some about-to-be-removed webspace somewhere, I decided that for posterity's sake I should move it here. So if you want to read some rather specific and dated anecdotes about "transport-related pub crawls", check out the pub crawls page. You might even find some bits quite funny.

17 September 2007
I'm pleased to report that Zoo magazine have given Emus Can't Walk Backwards four out of five stars. I've added the (very short) article to the Reviews/Media page.

7 September 2007
Thanks to David Lowe of British news institution The Sun for an excellent article today. "Thank-goodness for the new book Emus Can't Walk Backwards" – my sentiments exactly.

6 September 2007
Tomorrow morning I have a lot of local radio activity, should you wish to hear me talking about my new book, Emus Can't Walk Backwards. Roughly speaking, I will be on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire between 9.00 and 9.30 a.m. (the breakfast show with Andy Burrows), followed by BBC Radio Cumbria between 10.00 and 10.30 a.m. (Paul Braithwaite's show), and BBC Radio York between 10.45 and 11.00 a.m. (Adam Tomlinson). I'm also pre-recording segments for BBC Radio Three Counties (Lorna Milton) and BBC Radio Bristol (something for the morning rather than my regular slot with Ben!), both of which I think will be played on Monday. Happy listening.

5 September 2007
This evening I did an interview with BBC Southern Counties Radio, which went well despite the occasional seagull sound in the background from where I was speaking...

3 September 2007
Emus Can't Walk Backwards is finally published this week. It's already available through Amazon and is showing up in various bookshops slightly ahead of the official publication date of Thursday 6 September. I'd be grateful if you could add comments and reviews to any online bookshops you might use – of course, hopefully reviews glowing with praise... In the meantime I have also added details of the Finnish, Swedish and Russian editions of Bears Can't Run Downhill to the Books/editions page.

16 July 2007
So, officially, Emus Can't Walk Backwards is my second book – "another round of dubious pub facts". The companion volume to Bears Can't Run Downhill is every bit as entertaining as the first book – if not more so – and will be published on 6 September 2007. I hope you find time to seek it out and enjoy a second book crammed full of pub facts!

15 July 2007
I am gradually getting round to uploading various reviews of my books, both as scanned images (where I have the original articles) and as text. Check out the Reviews/media page to read them.

7 May 2007
I have set up a MySpace page, at I remain to be convinced as to the point of doing so, but perhaps it will become a work in progress. On the other hand, perhaps it will become one of those 2 billion unattended pages on the Internet, or whatever that statistic is. Nevertheless, if you use MySpace then feel free to "add me as a friend", whatever exactly that involves.

2 December 2006
A few of the facts from Bears Can't Run Downhill appear in the December UK edition of Reader's Digest magazine. Just the facts, though; just the facts. If you want the research and the amusing investigative write-ups then you'll need the book itself!

25 November 2006 (the US site rather than the UK one) has launched a new pop-up preview feature, which you can see if you hover your mouse over this text. Quite entertaining, no? Now, click on that link and go and buy my book – I need you to boost my Amazon ranking!

8 November 2006
If you were listening to Annie Othen's programme on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire today, you'll have heard me blathering on the radio about Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe and saliva backwash. You lucky listeners!

24 October 2006
Ben Prater of BBC Radio Bristol is planning to make a regular weekly feature using some of the pub facts from Bears Can't Run Downhill. Thanks Ben! He's hoping to get it started on his drivetime show on Tuesday 24 October. His programme runs from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. UK time – and if you're not in the Bristol area, you can listen to it online. (The UK is currently on British Summer Time, which is GMT+1, although from the following week we'll be back on dreary GMT after the clocks have gone back...)

22 October 2006
There is an article on Bears Can't Run Downhill in Australia's Sunday Herald Sun today. Living in the UK, I didn't get to chance to see a copy but I'm sure it was very entertaining!

9 October 2006
I've done a couple of interviews recently. One was with Tony Gillham on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; the other appeared in the 14 October edition of UK national magazine The Weekly News.

4 October 2006
I am very pleased to report that Bears Can't Run Downhill has been selected as the Editor's Choice in's humour books section. And I am honoured to have reached the #1 spot in their humour chart.

1 October 2006
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a pub fact expert, you can now send me a pub fact of your own. This should keep me from getting bored – and I am hereby starting rumours of a possible sequel to Bears Can't Run Downhill...

25 September 2006
There is a full-page feature about Bears Can't Run Downhill on page 6 of today's Daily Star. It features a fine picture of Marilyn Monroe.

10 September 2006
It took them a couple of weeks to get round to it, but the Mail on Sunday are running an excellent double-page feature about Bears Can't Run Downhill in today's paper. See the Review section, pages 64 and 65. Not only do you get the pub facts, but an entertaining photo with each! And, only slightly tenuously, a large picture of Salman Rushdie's glamorous wife.

27 August 2006
For one reason or another, it now looks like the Mail on Sunday will be running a feature about Bears Can't Run Downhill on Sunday 3 September instead of 27 August. Watch this space!

23 August 2006
The Mail on Sunday will be running a feature on Bears Can't Run Downhill on 27 August 2006, featuring exclusive pre-publication extracts. Apparently.

17 August 2006
I added the pub facts quiz to the site.

8 August 2006
This website is launched! That's about as exciting as news gets around these parts.