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I am using the word "review" in the loosest possible sense: some of these are not exactly essay-length analyses, but I hope they give you a feel for the subject matter and quality of my books, should you be weighing up whether to read one or not. Where possible I've included both a scan of the article and, below it, the review in text format.

Media coverage

This section is historical – in the sense that I am no longer on the radio but I have kept these details for nostalgic/sentimental reasons: “I was on the radio once.” (Well, actually, twice...)

Hear pub facts on the radio – 1!
On Tuesdays at around 2.10 p.m. UK time, I appear on Lorna Milton's show on BBC Three Counties Radio, as Fact Man. That's right, Fact Man, coming to you from the Trivia Tavern, spouting pub nonsense and discussing the facts which people have recently been throwing at me in the pub. It's very tongue-in-cheek and highly entertaining. Or at least, I think so. You can listen to Lorna's show wherever you are – you don't just have to be in Beds, Bucks or Herts – by visiting the BBC Three Counties Radio website and clicking on the "Listen Live" link on the right-hand side.

MP3 clip of Robert Anwood, aka Fact Man, on BBC Three Counties, 6 November 2007 Listen to a clip (MP3 format, 5.7MB) of me, aka Fact Man, and Lorna discussing Sonic the Hedgehog, NASA's dust-busting invention and Egyptian bowling (recorded Tuesday 6 November 2007).

Hear pub facts on the radio – 2!
And, as ever, on Monday nights you can hear entertaining views and discussion of facts from Emus Can't Walk Backwards and Bears Can't Run Downhill on Ben Prater's drivetime programme at BBC Radio Bristol. You can hear the theories of the people of Bristol and I call in to share my, er, wisdom. Ben's show is 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. UK time and you can listen to it anywhere in the world via the BBC's website (click on the "Listen Live" link on the right-hand side).

MP3 clip of Robert Anwood on BBC Radio Bristol, 29 October 2007 Listen to a clip (MP3 format, 6.2MB) of me, Ben and Sacha (the producer) talking about Johnny Cash and his ostrich (recorded Monday 29 October 2007).

Articles about Bears Can't Run Downhill, other than the reviews listed above, have been published in the UK's Mail on Sunday and Daily Star (articles not available online, unfortunately); in Australia's Sunday Herald Sun (also unavailable online); and in The Mercury (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – this one is online). And here is the UK Sun's take on Emus Can't Walk Backwards: it's the ultimate pub quiz ammo.

I did an interview with John Barrett for the Weekly News (14 October 2006 edition). A scan of the article (image size: 289 kB) is available here.

Stuff on the web

You can comment on and share opinions about my books (and of course anyone else's) via a number of book-related websites:

Anyway, if you do use any of the above sites, please add/update as much info and comments about my books as possible – the more "word-of-mouse", the better! I've also come across the Internet Book Database (iBookDB), modelled on the idea of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). iBookDB aims to be a definitive listing of information about all books, ever. As of July 2007 it claims to have around 64,000 titles – so quite a long way to go...