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Damp Squids & Card Sharks

A Compendium of Commonly Confused Phrases and Linguistic Muddles

Damp Squids and Card Sharks - book cover

The English language can be very confusing. But it’s not rocket surgery. Damp Squids & Card Sharks is a fascinating suppository of false facts and common errors, a minefield of information.

Have I wetted your appetite? Peaked your interest? Are you waiting with baited breath? Or could you care less? Pull your socks together! For all intensive purposes, this is the book for you.

This cute, funny book features gorgeous illustrations alongside the 50 amusing malapropisms, mixed metaphors and mondegreens. In one foul swoop you’ll learn why so many people get muddled by the same phrases!

Pester your local bookshop, or if you prefer to buy online, options include Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Amazon (Australia), (UK), Waterstones (UK) and Barnes & Noble (US).

A pig marinating in a bath
  • Publication date: Thursday 12 October 2023
  • Published by: Quadrille, a division of Hardie Grant
  • Formats: Hardback (180 x 130 mm), 128 pages, with excellent illustrations by Daniel Rieley throughout (such as those on this page); and Kindle edition
  • EAN/ISBN-13: 978-1837830855

Illustrations on this page copyright © Daniel Rieley 2023.