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Damp Squids & Card Sharks – out soon!

I’m delighted to say that my new book, Damp Squids & Card Sharks, will be published by Quadrille on Thursday 12 October.

Described as “a compendium of commonly confused phrases and linguistic muddles”, it’s a light-hearted look at how we all get the English language wrong.

Damp Squids and Card Sharks - book cover

With excellent illustrations by Daniel Rieley accompanying each of the fifty malapropisms, mixed metaphors, mondegreens and muddled meanings, it’s the perfect gift for the pedant in your life – even if that pedant is you.

Speaking of pedantry, one of the phrases featured is “pre-book”, which basically just means “book”, doesn’t it? But people love it. Similarly, you can’t operate in the publishing world without loving the phrase “pre-order”, so I am obliged to let you know that Damp Squids & Card Sharks is available for “pre-order” now.

Read on for more details.

A pig marinating in a bath

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