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“Get Me Out” gets itself out on Monday

Our new single, “Get Me Out”, is released on Monday 15 February!

Here’s a little taster while you wait impatiently to get Valentine’s Day behind you.

We recorded this in December at Woodworm Studios in Barford St Michael, which is where we recorded about half of our debut album, Deeper, earlier in the year. Although December is only two months ago, it already feels like a lifetime away, now that England is in its third national coronavirus lockdown.

When we were ready to record “Get Me Out” we’d only recently emerged from the second lockdown, and the tier system meant that a socially distanced recording session in Oxfordshire was permitted. Although recording parts separately is a very normal way of making music, having different band members attending on different days did make things feel a little remote, but we were still really happy with the results.

I decided to play the studio’s Yamaha G2 baby grand piano in the verse and use the mighty A100 Hammond organ, with its Leslie speaker cabinet, for a keyboard melody under the chorus. That seemed a good fit with Jody’s catchy vocals, Al’s massive drum fills, and Niall’s slide guitar work.

Niall recording at Woodworm Studios

Three of us (Niall, Pete and myself) also overdubbed a few handclaps in the middle eight for good measure, which is a pretty straightforward task – except that I somehow still needed more than two takes to get it right.

From Monday you’ll be able to catch “Get Me Out” in full on Spotify and on our YouTube channel.

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