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“Monday Muddles” on BBC Radio Wiltshire

As of February, I’m excited to be a regular guest on Ben Prater’s BBC Radio Wiltshire breakfast show.

Every Monday morning, in a feature called “Monday Muddles”, we talk about one of the phrases from my latest book, Damp Squids & Card Sharks. The spoken format gives us a bit of leeway to elaborate beyond what’s on the written page, so it’s good fun to chat a bit about how we get phrases wrong – and occasionally to work in a Wiltshire reference.

Ben Prater - BBC Radio Wiltshire

I first worked with Ben back in the Bears Can’t Run Downhill days, when he was on BBC Radio Bristol, and I can confirm he’s still a thoroughly great bloke in addition to being a very accomplished presenter!

Ben is on from 6.00 till 10.00 on weekday mornings, and of course thanks to BBC Sounds catch-up you don’t need to be in Wiltshire (or even awake at that time). Entering “Prater” into the search function is the quickest way to find Ben’s past shows.

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