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Combining public transport and alcohol to overcome men's problems


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In the beginning there was E2K Extensions 2000 Pub Crawl
Go forth and seek the Northern Line loop Loop 2000 Pub Crawl
Blessed be the Tram of God Tramlink 2000 Pub Crawl
Liechtenstein 2001
Stationlink 2001


Who or what is the London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group?

The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group is about the way other people perceive you. It is a non-profit organisational trust established in late 1999 by a working party of men whose stated raison d'être is to combine a subversion of traditional male stereotypes with an ongoing deconstructive approach to postmodern conceptions of the role of public transport in a globalised and self-revealing London at the turn of the millennium. In fusing lived journey experiences with an online presentational format which addresses the current crisis of masculinity, the group seeks to attract, intrigue and repel inquisitive members of the greater community, be they from London, Knutsford, or beyond. It is hoped that through these means humankind can effect a greater understanding of its own Weltanschauung whilst questioning the very nature of the drinking establishment in today's society, and simultaneously helping the group's members to help themselves to a large selection of alcoholic beverages.

Others contend that the London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group is just a bunch of people looking for an excuse to get the beers in. Who happen to be male.

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We won Second Prize – a set of steak knives – in the "Least Profitable Investment of Time" category of the 2001 Timewasters Anonymous Awards.



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