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Remember, remember “High Times” – and to book for our gig at the Bullingdon

This Friday, 5 November, we’re releasing the new Jody and the Jerms single, “High Times”. We thought it was time to unleash a bit of a ballad, so get your lighters, or at least mobile phone lights, ready.

It’s sometimes surprising what you can do in the studio to get a sound exactly how you want it. In the case of the drums, this recording session was all about the tea towel. Yes, if you look closely you can see a tea towel draped across Al’s snare drum, which gave it just the right feel for this song.

Al's drum kit with tea towel

“High Times” is very much Dave’s baby, so he’s playing his own piano part on this, as well as the bass. This meant I could take it relatively easy, contributing the four-note keyboard line in the chorus, as well as the sci-fi-esque chords under the middle 8, which sound a bit like guitar chords but definitely came out of my Nord. When it comes to performing it live, though, I won’t be able to take it quite so easy and will need to handle the piano part as well as the other keys…

Speaking of live, we’ll be playing at the Bullingdon in Oxford on Friday 3 December, as a bit of a Christmas party with The Shapes. Book your tickets via the Jody and the Jerms live page – and get your Santa hats ordered now, to beat the festive supply chain logistics crisis.

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