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Tour update and “The Harder I Try”

Jody and the Jerms are halfway through the core week of our Flicker tour. So far no one has (deliberately) punched anyone, and we’ve only had one random sound incident with a power cable deciding to fall out the back of an amp mid-song.

We started on Monday at the Half Moon in Putney.

Jody and the Jerms at the Half Moon, 13 Jun 22
Image courtesy of James Hammick

This was an opportunity for us to perform our new single, “The Harder I Try”, for the first time. Released last Friday, it was one of two songs produced by the excellent Mark Gardener of Ride, at his OX4 Sound studio.

On Tuesday we headed to West Street Live in Sheffield.

Al getting ready at West Street Live, 14 Jun 22
Al getting ready at West Street Live
West Street Live dress code, 14 Jun 22
We enjoyed the West Street Live dress code

Then yesterday it was time for O’Rileys in Hull.

Sound checking at O'Rileys, 15 Jun 22
It seems that sound checking mainly involves people bending over

The most surprising aspect of O’Rileys was the green room, which allows you to limber up before a gig if needed, thanks to the inclusion of a boxing ring.

Jody by the boxing ring at O'Rileys, 15 Jun 22
Jody getting stage-ready

Today we’ve got a long drive down to Oxford, where we’ll be playing at the Bullingdon tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be at Beacon Festival in Watlington, and then on Saturday we wrap up the week at the Chichester Inn in, you guessed it, Chichester.

So if you want to catch us over any of the next three nights, grab tickets via our live page!

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