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At present I don't have any plans for a sequel to Emus Can't Walk Backwards but never say never, and in any case it's always fun to hear new claims. So if you have any favourite pub facts, please feel free to send them in. Don't worry if you've no idea whether your "fact" is really true or not, or if you're fairly sure it's bogus – the best pub facts may be completely true or completely false; they just need to sound entertaining and over-confident in their boldness. (Check out the pub facts quiz if you need some examples – or better still: buy the books!)

If I do write a sequel and I include your pub fact in the book, I'll do some thorough investigation to get to the bottom of whether it's fact or fiction – and I'll credit your name in the acknowledgements. However, by sending me your pub fact, you are accepting that I reserve the right to use or not use your pub fact and/or any other information you may send me, and that what you are sending may be freely used in any future book, article or other publication by Robert Anwood without any payment. In other words, if I don't use your suggestions, please don't have a tantrum; and if I do use your suggestions, please expect an acknowledgement – but no cash...

In short, I'm not trying to get other people to do my work for free (you should see the hours of research this stuff requires) – but if you think that's what I'm doing, then don't send me anything!

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